Leveraging the Kill Chain for Awesome


There is a lot of great advice out there in the Information Security space on how to secure your network, be it either through prevention, detection or response techniques- and there is also a lot of misguided advice as well. Recently I made a comment on some misguided opinions about the Kill Chain and was asked if I would be interested in authoring an article to explain my viewpoint- you can find that article on Dark Reading here.

Additionally, I always like to provide some concrete examples and material that can be taken back and used in an organization, but some of the material was left out due to length restrictions. I have posted KillChainSlides in the hopes that it helps; it’s not much, just a couple of slides I remade that you can also see in a talk I gave at RVASec in 2013. As an added note, David Bianco put the original slides together while at GE- he has a ton of great material on his website you should check out.

An Ask: I’ve been wanting to build a website to allow for building these charts dynamically- simply selecting the technologies your organization has (or is considering) to automatically drive the creation of the matrix. However, I lack the data on each technology; if you find this information useful and create the “Platform Strengths” slides for each technology you use, please share them back. If I get enough of them, I can build the website and database.

I encourage you to take a couple of minutes to check out the article on Dark Reading and reach out via Twitter @SeanAMason, or post here, to share your thoughts. Thank you for reading.

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