Announcing the One More Comma Foundation

Over the years life has had its ups and downs, but there has been one consistent theme along the way. Without a little help from others, I would not be where I am today.

I’m pleased to announce my first official step of many when it comes to helping others- the creation of a foundation that will be providing scholarships to deserving Information Technology students. One More Comma, is a foundation dedicated to students attending Florida schools that would like to bring their talents to, and hopefully make a home, in this great state.

The goal is larger than just financial assistance though, as I think most can agree some of the best assistance they received was in the form of wisdom and advice. In addition to the scholarship, the goal is to also provide academic, career, and life coaching for students- and eventually graduates- at any point along their journey from freshman to technology executive.

Our first scholarship is now live and is actively accepting applications! To find out more information about One More Comma (or to refer a potential applicant), feel free to check out our [purposefully] spartan website.

Thank you,


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